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A merchant cash advance from Capital for Merchants lets you build your business as you’ve always envisioned. Get money for your business without the costly fees and strict qualifications of bank loans. Ideal for restaurants, bars, beauty salons, auto shops, retail stores, and more! We also have a new offering where business owners can pay back their advances through their checking account. It's great for businesses that rely heavily on cash transactions or invoice their customers.

How it Works

The concept is really easier than you may think. It works like this: Capital for Merchants will pay for your business's future sales up front. After transactions are processed, we get paid back with a fixed percentage of daily credit card receipts, or if you use the ACH option, we’ll debit a select amount from your business checking account on a set schedule. We offer an easy application process with fast approvals, funding in as little as 24 hours, and low factor rates with flexible repayment periods. Unlike traditional loans, there are no monthly bills, personal liability, or collateral with us. Help us help you become a leader in your space by partnering with Capital for Merchants, a market leader in the specialty lending space.

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We offer a simple application process, funding in as little as 24 hours, no restrictions on usage, and a variety of pay back options. Plus, we have been a direct funder since 2005, making us a pioneer in the industry. With the help of our expertise, you can realize the company you have always envisioned.

There is no cost to the merchant until they are approved and the advance is funded. Once funded, there is a nominal application cost that is deducted from the advance. And with Capital for Merchants, you can expect to pay some of the lowest factor rates in the industry.

Our application process is straightforward, and asks that you provide some basic information on the ownership of the company, the advance needed, history of the business, and its banking relationship. That’s it. We aim to make the process smooth so that you can get the money you need fast.

A merchant is eligible for an additional advance once they have paid back 50% of their current advance. We always welcome a chance to offer a renewal to our loyal customers.

Capital for Merchants will fund up to $1,000,000 per location depending on the sales volume of your business.

We offer an easy application process with same day approvals, and funding in as little as 24 hours.

You can elect to use an ACH debit amount or a percentage of your daily credit card sales as your payback option. Don’t forget, Capital for Merchants offers flexible payback durations so you can choose a timeframe that works best for you.

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