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Payment Processing Equipment
Indy Business Solutions LLC works with business owners every day to make sure they have the right credit card processing equipment they need to succeed. So much so, that we give new merchants free equipment, so they don't have to worry about initial costs and pick the right machine for them instead of the one that best fits their budget. We work with several processors to get your deal approved with the best rates and service possible. If you are looking for a replacement credit card terminal for your existing processor, we offer competitive rates on supplies and equipment.

Choosing the Right Credit Card Machine:
The best way to pick the right machine for you is to do your research. Think of how your customer shops, are they more traditional where a countertop unit makes sense? Or is your business model more of a fluid one where you might be on the go more than a typical merchant? Then a wireless unit might make the most sense for your business. You need to figure out the who, what, where, when and why of how you're going to accept credit cards and pick the machine accordingly.

How Credit Card Processors Work:
Traditional terminals are dialed out either by a phone line or through an Internet connection. If you use a land line, make sure it is a dedicated line, or it will not work properly if there are interruptions from incoming calls or call waiting. Many businesses prefer the convenience of the Internet-connected terminals that use IP for faster transactions and won't tie up a landline.

Other Options for Accepting Payments:
In addition to the traditional style terminals, there are several other options that add convenience for your customers. You can add a PIN Pad device to accept debit card purchases and use a ‘store and forward’ option that allows you to enter credit card information and process it at a later time. NAB is also a leader in the e-Commerce space and has a solution for most any e-Commerce checkout system. We also offer mobile apps for your smartphone or tablet that allows you can process on the go.

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