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Coporate Servers

When you need centralised computing power a Server is the best solution and many businesses run Windows or Unix based servers.

Indy Business Solutions is experienced with most types of servers and we also have data centre space for hosting, cloud backup and virtual machines. For our customers we provide server setup, server repairs, server upgrades and new servers whether on-site or in a data centre.

If you need services for your server then we can come in at short notice and set up your newly purchased server. Alternatively if you purchase your server from us it will be delivered all set up and configured to suit your business.

We provide expert same day onsite server repair and maintenance services.

All servers require regular maintenance and upkeep to ensure trouble-free use. It is not just your desktop computers that require maintenance, it is even more important to keep your servers serviced and maintained regularly to help reduce the risk of failing performance, data loss and hardware failure.

Why is server maintenance important?

A commonly used analogy is that computers are like cars, requiring regular service and check-ups to ensure they run efficiently and provide trouble-free running. Without this regular maintenance your server could breakdown, costing you much more than the regular servicing.

We can provide your business with regular server maintenance which minimises the chances of something going wrong. We’ll make sure your server is up-to-date with the latest versions of software, operating system patches and that the appropriate level of security is implemented. This can also be included as part of one of our Service Level Agreements (SLA)

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